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Arm Band Requirements

Traditionally Muay Thai has never had belts.  The only belts to be given out are during championship bouts between the best fighters in the world.  While many of our students at CPAMMA strive to be champions some day, most of our students simply train to better themselves as individuals and to some day hope to compete.

Arm bands started as a way of giving a fighter good luck in the ring, often made from the fighter’s mother’s sarong or a family member’s clothing.  Our Arm Band (or Prajead/Prajioud) progression is one of the many ways students can mark his or her progress at CPAMMA and is our way of helping give our students the mental endurance to continue going and progress to the next level in their training.



TBA Ajarn’s Bryan Popejoy and Sangtiennoi tie on a Student’s Arm Band.


While it is not mandatory, our Arm Band progression does give each student an idea of where they stand in the ranking of knowledge and competence of the material needed to be a successful practitioner of Muay Thai.  To receive each arm band, the student must be able to perform the techniques consistently with good form.  The ranking structure material is as follows:

Student Levels (4-8 Months per Level):

 (Video Clips Below Available to Current Students.  Please request to be added to the **Members Only** Facebook Group to view the clips!)


Stance – Boxing, Kick Stance

Footwork – Step & Slide, Shuffle Step, Circle

Punches – Jab, Cross, Hook, Upper Cut

Kicks – Foot Jab, Round Kick, Switch Kick

Blocks – Parry, Elbow Deflection, High Shield, Body Shield

Combos – JC, CHC, JCHC, Hook Combos, Parry/ED, High/Body Shield

5 for 5 Varations (5f5-1f1, 5,4,3,2,1, alternate numbers between people)



Footwork – Drop Step, Half Step, Cross Step, Drop HS, Drop CS

Punches - Overhand, Shovel Hook

Elbows - Snap, Downward Diagonal, Upward Diagonal

Knees –  Straight Knee #1, Straight Knee #2

Kicks – HII, Cut Kick, “Step Into It” Kick, HII FJTeep

Blocks – Slip, B&W, Shin Up Block

Combos – B&W & Slip Combos, All of combos w/ SH & OHs

4 Counts – 1. RK,H,C,SWK, 2. SWK,C,H,RK, 3. RK, H, C, RK 4. SWK, C, H, SWK



Footwork – Wedge, Split Wedge, Reverse Split, Push Step

Punches – Flying Hook, Pulling Hook, Super Man, Inverted Hook, Mat Gatun

Kicks – Pendulum FJ, JII Kick, Diamond Step, Cross Over Diamond Step

Knees – Skip Knee #1, Skip Knee #2

Elbows – Straight Up/ Down, Inward/Outside, Straight IntoSpinning

Blocks – Front Shield, Front Cover, Elbow Block, Bil Sao

Combos – All Combos w/ Elbows, Four Counts w/ Kick Variations


Clinch Material


Free Sparring

Instructor Levels (6-18 Months per Level):

**Thai Shorts Are Worn**

Red – Level I Assistant Instructor:

15 Count Combination

Brown – Level II Assistant Instructor:

17 Count Combination

Black (5-10 years per level after III)

Level III (Kru)
Level IV-V (Khun Khru)
Level VI (Ajarn)
Level VII (Sattrachan)- Reserved for Surachai Sirisute

**This is a rough outline, material is subject to change by the month.**
**Timeline under the assumption of 2+ classes consistently /week.**



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