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Sparring Requirements

Sparring Requirements

Below are our guidelines on when students are allowed to spar with other students.  Following this guide will insure CPAMMA that the students who are sparring with strikes have had enough time to understand the art before they play the game that is sparring.  Sparring is a privilege in any Martial Arts and should be treated as such.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu / Submission Wrestling:

Sparring allowed from Day 1 (with approval) with instructor present until first stripe


- Yellow Arm Band can situational spar with Red Arm Band & Above
- Orange Arm Band can situational spar with Purple Arm Band & Above
- Green Arm Band can spar with Green Arm Band & Above

Mixed Martial Arts:

- Stand Up Sparring follows "Striking Requirements"
- Grappling Sparring follows "BJJ/SW Requirements"
- Striking on the Ground Sparring for Green Arm Bands & Above

 Reality Based MMA (Filipino Martial Arts): 

- Stick sparring allowed from Day 1 with instructor present
(with approval) 
- Full RBMMA sparring with striking and grappling allowed when instructor gives approval