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Class Format Policies

Adult Classes

Attendance & Class Format:

During the slower times of the year there is a chance for our auxiliary time slots to have smaller numbers.  In the case of 3 or less students the format for a class will be “open.”  For striking classes the class will hit pads.  For Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Submission Wrestling and Wrestling the format will be “Open Roll.”  An instructor will lead these classes but no new material will be presented.  We recommend using such time slots to work on techniques you have already learned and to ask instructors specific questions relating to your training.  Such classes can be highly valuable to the students who attend!

Open Mat / Low Attendance:

Instructors will wait 15 minutes in the event that there are no attendees for a class/open mat.  In the event that after 15 minutes there are no students the instructor reserves the right to cancel the class/open mat.  Please make sure that you are at the class/open mat on time.  While this rarely happens, it does become possible when bad weather is imminent as people choose not to travel.  This also becomes a possibility during breaks or holidays so please plan accordingly.

Certified Instructors:

Each class will be run by a certified instructor or a certified assistant in the particular art of the class.  One of the great qualities of CPAMMA is the expansive list of instructors that all students have access to.  We make a point to make sure each student sees at least two different instructors in their training.

Youth Classes

Certified Instructors :

In the case of Youth Martial Arts there will be a certified Black Belt Instructor (Sifu Ryan for example) in at least one of the classes for each child per week. It is important to our head instructors that they see each instructor at least once per week.  In some instances there is the chance that a child may be with another instructor/assistants for more than one class in a row.

Age Diversity:

Mighty Mites is age specific (3 & 4 year olds) but all Youth Martial Arts classes include children ages 5-12 years old.  Adult/Teen programs may also have students who are of a younger age.  Having such age diversity allows students to become comfortable with students of a different age along with having training partners of all sizes.  All of the classes are safe regardless of size or age.

Number of Classes:

All Youth Martial Arts students sign up for one main class per week and one auxiliary class per week.  The $75 payment is for four classes a month.  However, we offer the secondary auxiliary class each week to allow students to make up a class in the event that they miss their main class time slot.  We encourage parents to have their child(ren) come to both classes each week as often as possible to make up for times that a child cannot make a class due to something outside of their control.


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