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Reality Based MMA

Reality Based MMA


Reality Based Mixed Martial Arts focuses on the arts and techniques known to be successful in resolving real life situations. Rather than focusing on Sport Fighting (one on one), RBMMA looks at fighting when there are no rules which can lead to multiple attackers, weapons and many other variables. As such, RBMMA trains students to learn the difference between sport oriented techniques and survival oriented techniques. This class is for the person interested in the sport side of Mixed Martial Arts but training it for real life situations.

RBMMA pulls influences from all of the arts inside MMA (Muay Thai, Boxing, Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) but also gives credit to the Filipino Martial Arts, Krabi-Krabong, Burmese Boxing, Silat and other weapon oriented arts. Additionally, in most real life situations weight classes are not an option. We make sure to train as such where everyone trains with everyone regardless of size or skill level.

This class is taught by Guro Ryan "Guard Dog” Gruhn; a Dog Brothers Martial Arts Guro and Full Instructor in Filipino Martial Arts (Kali / Escrima / Silat / Arnis) under the Inosanto lineage.

Guro Guard Dog has fought at multiple Dog Brothers Gatherings and has ended a number of his fights in multiple organizations by submission, KO and TKO. In addition, the gym has taken multiple fighters out to Los Angeles to fight in Dog Brothers Gatherings. Watch one of Ryan’s first gathering experiences here:

Apprentice Instructor:
Mike "C-Corn Dog" Norrell
Jon Weaver

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