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Women’s (Muay Thai) Kickboxing


Get a workout like never before in this positive, upbeat class! Reach and achieve your individual fitness goals through punches & kicks! Women’s Kickboxing is based around the techniques and movements of Muay Thai Kickboxing and Western Boxing.  The class is taught by Central PA Mixed Martial Arts owner and Head Instructor; Ryan Gruhn; Central PA’s only certified Muay Thai Boxing Instructor.  This high intensity cardio workout is meant for all fitness levels!  Come join us and get in shape!  Each class has a minimum of 30 minutes of cardio and ends with an abdominal/Ground Core™ workout which is challenging for all fitness levels!

Classes include the fundamentals of boxing drills, kickboxing drills, heavy bag training, Muay Thai training, accuracy agility, timing, floor conditioning, and partner drills. Classes are made to burn calories, lose weight, excellent for strength conditioning, build lean muscles, tones and conditions your body from head to toe while increasing flexibility. Experience what the hype is all about!

This class does not include sparring but does focus around pad and bag work for cardio. However, if you are interested in competing we do offer opportunities to anyone interested.

Shirley Moody’s fight August 2008

Assistant Instructors (Level II):

Alex Brown

Assistant Instructors (Level I):

Shane Finn

Jake Sibel

Steve Woelke

Shirley Moody

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