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“Kru” Alex Brown
Muay Thai & Boxing – Level III

Alex has over three years of experience studying the arts of Muay Thai and Boxing under Khun Khru Gruhn. He is a Level III instructor under Khru Gruhn and the Thai Boxing Association of America under Ajarn Chai.

Alex has been an asset to the gym not only teaching the fundamentals of Boxing and Muay Thai but also being in the corner of many of the gyms fighters. He has cornered multiple Muay Thai and Boxing events including Golden Gloves Tournaments and has attended multiple seminars with Ajarn Chai.

Alex currently assists Khun Khru Gruhn in the Muay Thai, Boxing and Women’s Kickboxing classes. He is known for his ability to relay information to all student levels from beginners to advanced fighters with a methodical and systematic approach.



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